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Repair Shop Safety Training Matrix

Safety by title

Activity Staff Required Compliance Frequency Grounds Vehicle Mechanic ECSC Vehicle Mechanic
Electrical Safety (CULearn Course EHS 4336) all 3 years X X
Fall Prevention (CULearn Course EHS 4420) Select (if working at heights) 3 years X X
Hazard Communication (CULearn Course EHS 2343) all as needed X X
Lock/Tag/Verify (CULearn Course EHS 4378 - Authorized Employees & EHS 4373 Affected Staff) all 3 years X X
Powered Industrial Trucks/ demonstrate proficiency (CULearn Course EHS 2391 - Classroom & EHS 2377 - Proficiency Evaluation) select 3 years X
Asbestos Awareness (CULearn Course EHS 2384) all Annual X X
Automotive Lift all as needed X X
Cold Stress (CULearn Course EHS 2366) all Annual X X
Fire Extinguisher (CULearn Course EHS 5300) select (Required if performing Hot Work) Annual X X
Hearing Conservation (CULearn Course EHS 2407) all Annual X X
Heat Stress (CULearn Course EHS 2365) all Annual X X
Hot Work Safety (CULearn Course EHS 2398) select 3 years X X
Ladder Safety (CULearn Course EHS 3015) all as needed X X
Personal Protective Equipment (CULearn Course EHS 2347) all 3 years X X
Respiratory - Voluntary Use (CULearn Course EHS 2386) all as needed X
Baker Scaffold Safety (CULearn Course EHS 4392) select as needed X
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (CULearn Course EHS 1003) all Annual X X