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CMV Road Test Guide

This guide will provide instructions for conducting a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Road Test using form HS23F_005 Driver Road Test Certificate. A person that is knowledgeable of the CMV and competent to evaluate the driver’s skill shall give the test. The test shall be at least 5 miles in length and have one backing maneuver.

NOTE: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) class A and B holders are not required to complete the road test, just enter their basic info and write “CDL A (or B)” across the test form.

1. Ask the driver to conduct a pre-trip inspection of the CMV, at a minimum he must inspect or verify working the following items:

  • Service brakes (including trailer brake connection),

  • Parking (hand) brake,

  • Steering mechanism,

  • Lighting devices and reflectors,

  • Tires and rims,

  • Horn,

  • Windshield wiper or wipers,

  • Rear-vision mirrors, and Emergency Equipment

  • Coupling devices (trailer only)

  1. For 9-15 passenger van drivers only, walk through the pre-trip inspection with driver

2. (Trailers Only or N/A) Have the driver hook (or re-hook) the trailer

  •  If the driver misses locking pin, safety chains or service connections, they fail

  • Demonstrate how to verify trailer brakes are working if equipped

3. Place the CMV in operation

  1. Drive must wear safety belt before moving or they fail

  2. Evaluate the ability of the driver to operate gear shifter and foot pedals

4. Use of CMV controls and emergency equipment

  1. Evaluate the ability to operate wipers

  2. Evaluate the ability to operate climate control while driving

  3. Discuss the use of 4 way flashers and reflective triangles

5. Operating the CMV in traffic, and while passing other CMV

  1. Evaluate

    • smooth stopping and starting

    • proper speed (posted, curves, intersections)

    • proper stopping distance (stop lines, vehicle gap)

  2. Evaluate passing (passing by and/or 4 lane)

    • maintain CMV inside traffic lanes

    • proper lane positioning (right lane)

  3. Failing criteria

    • repetitive sudden stops and starts

    • speeding or impeding traffic (too slow)

    • unable to maintain CMV inside lanes

    • accident (driver fault) 

6. Turning the CMV

  1. Evaluate

    • turn signal use

    • checking traffic in all directions

    • proper corner speed

  2. Failing criteria

    • running over curb 

 7. Braking, and slowing the CMV by other means

  1. Evaluate

    • smooth braking

    • proper braking distance

  2. Discuss slowing by other means

    • down shifting

    • engine break

    • emergency brake

 8. Backing and parking the CMV

  1. The driver must back the CMV into a designated location (parking space, dock)

  2. Failing criteria

    • more than half of CMV outside space

    • more than 2 pull ups

 9. Complete and sign the road test form

  1. CMV operators send the form to EHS with the driver file

  2. 9-15 passenger vans send the form to EHS for Agile approval