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EHS Incident Reporting

EHS Incident Types:

  1. Injury, Illness, or Exposure – Any injury, any known or potential exposure, or work-related or lab-related illnesses.
  2. Injury-Free – Incidents where no one was injured however the incident had the potential to injure someone if there was a slight shift in time or body position, such as near miss, explosions, fires, property damage, equipment failure, lab spills contained and immediately cleaned up, and other similar incidents.
  3. Environmental – Release of a material that impacts air, land, or water (including sanitary and storm sewer) or other environmental non-compliance.
  4. Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) – Any incident that involves motor vehicles while conducting university business. 

University Incident Reporting Requirement:

After the immediate incident response, the incident types described above should be reported to the university’s incident reporting system (Cority) by the affected person, their supervisor, or the unit’s designated person. Reports should be made in a timely manner, which is defined as < 24 hours after incident. All university employees and students have access to the incident reporting system and can also submit incidents on a visitors’ (e.g. Statler Hotel occupants) behalf. Reporting is critical so that internal, external, and regulatory notifications can be completed in a timely manner. When campus community members and stakeholders report incidents in a timely manner through the EHS incident reporting tool this enables effective incident investigations, prompt corrective actions, and regulatory requirements to be met.

EHS’s reporting system is NOT intended to replace emergency service notifications (607-255-1111 or 911) which provide immediate incident response, rather incident reporting through Cority is intended to provide notifications (EHS, HR, Risk Management, and other designated leadership), a database to fully document incident, mechanism to develop incident trends, and a tool to enable reporting requirements. After the immediate response is complete please direct the Cornell community to submit their incident report via the link below.

Click here to Report an Incident.

Shows what the Report an Incident button looks like in the EHS Incident Reporting system.