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3. Site Activities in 2020

3.1 Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring of Final Remedial Measures

Site activities during 2020 included:

  • Inspections, testing, and monitoring to fulfill requirements of site-related permits;
  • Operation and maintenance of the groundwater recovery and treatment systems;
  • Performance monitoring of the treatment plant;
  • Performance monitoring of the groundwater recovery systems;
  • Inspection and maintenance of source area containment systems;
  • Performance monitoring of the source area containment systems;
  • Environmental monitoring of contaminant concentrations and distribution near the sites.

3.2 Reports Submitted to the NYSDEC

  • Annual Report for 2019 for the CDS and RDS (March 2020).
  • Discharge Monitoring Reports for the Groundwater Treatment Plant submitted monthly.
  • Part 380 Discharge Reports for the Groundwater Treatment Plant submitted quarterly.
  • In addition, Cornell University prepared and submitted a work plan for low-level (0.35 µg/L detection limit) 1,4-dioxane sampling and analysis at select locations in 2020, as requested by NYSDEC. 

3.3 NYSDEC Approvals and Permits Issued


3.4 Public Participation

Since the RODs have been fully implemented at both the CDS and the RDS, ongoing public participation activities are minimal. Site information including this report is available on the internet at the RDS and CDS Sites website.

3.5 NYSDEC Inspections

Personnel from NYSDEC’s Radiological Sites Section completed inspections of the groundwater treatment plant and RDS in October 2020.