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Chapter 15 - Laser Hazards

Cornell University has a Laser Safety Program designed to establish guidelines to protect students and employees from the potential hazards associated with laser devices and systems used to conduct laboratory, educational, or research activities at Cornell University. To achieve this goal, EHS recognizes the American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers, ANSI Z136.1-2000 and New York Department of Labor’s Part 50, LASER Regulation.

ANSI Z136.1-2007 requires that all class 3b and 4 laser users must attend laser safety training. EHS offers training to meet this requirement, which includes topics such as laser hazards, laser classifications, signage/labeling, medical monitoring, safety guidelines, and what to do in case of an exposure incident. A description of the training can be found on the EHS Safety Education Catalog. The Laser Safety Training class is offered on a monthly basis by submitting a  request to

Additionally, any class 3b and 4 lasers that are in use must be registered with EHS. If your user group has not completed this process, please complete the LASER registration form and return it to EHS at 395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 210. Laser safety reviews, control recommendations, and medical monitoring are also available by submitting a request to

For additional information regarding laser safety please contact the EHS Laser Safety Officer as or call 607-255-8200. Additional information can be found on the OSHA Safety and Health topics webpage for laser hazards.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or laboratory supervisor with class 3b or 4 LASERs in laboratories under their supervision to ensure the class 3b or 4 LASERs have been registered with EH&S and employees using these LASERs have received the appropriate training.