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5.7.2 The Physician’s Written Opinion

The physician’s written opinion for the consultation or examination shall include: 

  • The results of the medical examination and any associated tests. 
  • Any medical condition that may be revealed in the course of the examination, which may place the employee at increased risk as a result of exposure to a hazardous workplace. 
  • A statement that the employee has been informed by the physician of the results of the consultation or medical examination and any medical condition that may require further examination or treatment. 
  • The written opinion shall not reveal specific findings of diagnoses unrelated to the occupational exposure.

All records of medical consultations, examinations, tests, or written opinions shall be maintained at Cornell Health in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1020 - Access to employee exposure and medical records. The Cornell Health  (607-255-5155) is located at 10 Central Avenue. Exposure monitoring records of contaminate levels in laboratories will be maintained at EHS office at 395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 210. For more information, contact EHS at 607-255-8200.