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5.3.5 Fire Extinguishers

  • All fire extinguishers are inspected monthly and maintained by Facilities and Campus Services in main campus and some outlying facilities.  Other outlying facilities, a local contractor is provided.
  • Laboratory personnel should perform regular visual checks (minimum on a monthly basis) to ensure fire extinguishers present in their labs are fully charged. For those fire extinguishers with a readout dial, labs only need to ensure the indicator arrow on the readout dial is within the green zone. If the indicator arrow is on either side of the green zone, which indicates a problem, then call EHS at 607-255-8200 to have the fire extinguisher replaced.
  • Any fire extinguisher that has been used at all, even if it wasn’t fully discharged, needs to be reported to EHS so a replacement fire extinguisher can be provided in its place.
  • The University Fire Marshal's Office conducts onsite Fire Extinguisher Training (course #5300) and can be scheduled through CU Learn.