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5.3.6 Power Outage Procedures

  • Assess the extent of the outage in the unit's area. 
  • At outlying facilities, refer to your facility Emergency Action Guide.
  • Report the outage to Cornell Customer Service Center at 607-255-5322. 
  • Assist other building occupants to move to safe locations. Loss of power to fume hoods may require the evacuation of laboratories and surrounding areas. 
  • Implement the unit's power outage plan. Evaluate the unit's work areas for hazards created by a power outage. Secure hazardous materials. Take actions to preserve human and animal safety and health. Take actions to preserve research. 
  • Turn off and/or unplug non-essential electrical equipment, computer equipment and appliances. Keep refrigerators and freezers closed throughout the outage to help keep contents cold. 
  • If needed, open windows (in mild weather) for additional light and ventilation (this is not always advisable in BSL2 labs).