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1.2.5 Laboratory Employees

Laboratory employees are those personnel who conduct their work in a laboratory and are at risk of possible exposure to hazardous chemicals on a regular or periodic basis. These personnel include laboratory technicians, instructors, researchers, visiting researchers, administrative assistants, graduate assistants, student aides, student employees, and part time and temporary employees.

In addition to the responsibilities outlined within the Environment, Health and Safety Policy 8.6, the laboratory safety duties of laboratory employees are:

  • Comply with the Environment, Health and Safety Policy 8.6 and all other health and safety practices and programs by maintaining class, work, and laboratory areas safe and free from hazards. 
  • Know the location of the Chemical Hygiene Plan and how to access safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Attend health and safety training as designated by your supervisor.  
  • Inform your supervisor or instructor of any safety hazards in the workplace, classroom, or laboratory, including reporting any unsafe working conditions, faulty fume hoods, or other emergency safety equipment to the laboratory supervisor.  
  • Ensure an SDS is present for all new chemicals you purchase (either sent with the original shipment or available online. Review the SDSs for chemicals you are working with and check with your laboratory supervisor or principal investigator if you ever have any questions.  
  • Conduct hazard evaluations with your supervisor for procedures conducted in the laboratory and maintain a file of standard operating procedures documenting those hazards.  
  • Be familiar with what to do in the event of an emergency situation
  • Participate in laboratory self inspections and annual EHS Research Area Inspections
  • Follow the standard operating procedures for your laboratory and incorporate the guidelines and requirements outlined in this Laboratory Safety Manual into everyday practice.