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1.2.6 Building Coordinators

Building Coordinators serve as an important conduit for information with regard to building wide issues. This information includes reporting and coordinating routine maintenance issues, scheduling building shutdowns, and communicating building wide maintenance and repairs and building system shutdowns to all occupants.

Laboratory safety responsibilities of Building Coordinators include:

  • Comply with the Environment, Health and Safety policy 8.6 and all other University health and safety practices and programs by maintaining common building areas safe and free from hazards. 
  • Attend health and safety training as designated by your supervisor. 
  • Keep the DSR, Department Chairperson, and EHS informed of plans for renovations or new laboratory construction projects, and the laboratory needs of new faculty and staff.
  • Notify EHS of faculty retiring or leaving the University so appropriate laboratory decommissioning occurs. For more information, see the Lab Decommissioning Process and Checklist in Appendix E.  
  • Ensure that ticket requests for safety equipment (such as fume hoods and emergency eyewash/showers) and other laboratory equipment are processed in a timely manner. 
  • Ensure that requests from EHS related to building-wide laboratory safety issues are addressed. 
  • Be aware of building issues that could impact the health and safety of laboratory personnel and contact EHS at 607-255-8200 whenever building-wide health and safety issues occurs in laboratories. 
  • Be familiar with what to do in the event of an emergency situation
  • Assist emergency responders during emergencies by serving as a resource for control of building control systems (ventilation, turning off water main, etc.).