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16.4.6 Gas Generators

Gas Generators for Nitrogen or Hydrogen Gas

Gas generators are an alternative to having compressed gas cylinders in the laboratory. These provide high purity nitrogen or hydrogen and can be connected to lab equipment often without the New York State code implications due to the small quantities that are being stored.

Hydrogen Gas Generators:

  • Produce gas on demand via electrolysis of water:
    • Store up to 100 ml of gas:
    • Require 15 megohm quality deionized water;
    • Outlet pressures (psig) and flow rate requirements must be determined for installation.

Nitrogen Gas Generator:

  • Produce gas via filtration from the air:
    • This is a continuous supply;
    • Have varying delivery flow rates. Typically maximum flows are 35 to 70 Liters/minute;
    • Operate at maximum pressures of 116 psi (8 bar).

At flow rate requirements above 15 psi (1.05 bar), the Authority Having Jurisdiction may require gas detection. At lower flow rates they may waive this requirement. An engineering review is necessary. These generators do add to the heat load of the room in which they are located.