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16.9.1 Centrifuge Rotor Care

Basic centrifuge rotor care includes:

  • Keep the rotor clean and dry, to prevent corrosion. 
  • Remove adapters after use and inspect for corrosion. 
  • Store the rotor upside down, in a warm, dry place to prevent condensation in the tubes. 
  • Read and follow the recommendations in the manual regarding:
    • Regular cleaning 
    • Routine inspection
    • Regular polishing
    • Lubricating O-rings
    • Decontaminating the rotor after use with radioactive or biological materials
  • Remove any rotor from use that has been dropped or shows any sign of defect, and report it to a manufacturer’s representative for inspection. 

There is a description of an accident that occurred at Cornell and how to prevent centrifuge accidents on the Centrifuge Accident webpage.