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2.1.2 Fume Hood Inspection and Testing Program

EHS and Facilities and Campus Services share the responsibility for the annual testing and inspection of fume hoods on campus. After each inspection, an inspection sticker is affixed to the fume hood. If a hood is found to be unacceptable, a warning sign indicating the hood did not pass inspection and should not be used is fixed to the sash. This information will be provided to the building coordinator who will follow through with the repair and arrangements with other laboratories for the use of a different hood.

See the EHS Laboratory Ventilation page for details of this process. For questions or concerns contact askEHS.

If your fume hood does not have an inspection sticker or if the existing inspection sticker on your fume hood indicates a year or more has passed since the hood was last inspected or for other questions please see the EHS page.

Fume hood testing and inspection consists of the following:

  • The face velocity will be tested for compliance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) standard Z9.5;
  • A visual performance inspection for compliance with the ANSI/American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard 110;
  • Verification of proper room pressurization;
  • A score will be taken based on the proper use and cleanliness of the hood. 
  • The higher the Hood Housekeeping Score, the more serious the concern.
Hood Housekeeping Score (HHS) Reason for Concern
1 Hood hibernated
2 Hood on, used for a single chemical process or well organized multiple purposes
3 Hood on, but empty or being used for storage
4 ​Hood on, crowded or used for competing multiple chemical uses
5 ​Hood on and contamination evident
6 Hood Decommissioned