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2.1.3 Installation of New Fume Hoods

Installation of a new fume hood requires careful planning and knowledge of the existing building ventilation systems and capabilities. Improperly installed fume hoods or other capture devices can seriously disrupt the existing ventilation system and have a negative impact in the immediate room, other fume hoods, and the ventilation system throughout the building.

All fume hoods and other capture devices must be installed in consultation with Facilities and Campus Services and EHS. All new installations of fume hoods must comply with Cornell Design Standards and be commissioned by EHS to be included in the inspection and testing program. To request a new or relocated fume hood be commissioned please submit the following form: Fume Hood Commissioning form

EHS can provide information regarding the selection, purchase, and inspection requirements for laminar flow clean benches, biosafety cabinets, and ductless fume hoods.