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7.8.2 Labeling Requirements

In all cases, regardless of the labeling system used, the following labeling requirements must be followed:

  • All chemical containers (both hazardous and non-hazardous) MUST be labeled. Chemical names must be written out in English. If a label is starting to fall off a chemical container or is becoming degraded, then the container needs to be relabeled (using tape, permanent marker, OSHA secondary labels, etc.) or the chemical needs to be transferred to another properly labeled container. 
  • If abbreviations such as formulas, structures, or acronyms are used, then a “key” to the abbreviations must be hung up in a conspicuous location. 
  • All personnel working in the laboratory must be fully trained on how to label chemicals using the system and how to understand the labeling system. Training must occur when a new person begins working in the laboratory, when new chemicals are introduced, and should occur on a regular basis or annually.