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4.2 Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

  • 4.2  Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
    • 4.2.1  The Cornell University Department of Environment, Health and Safety develops and oversees the implementation of the Asbestos Management Program and supports the program by:
      1. a. Providing information to the University administration to support decisions on the asbestos management program
      2. b. Identifying and communicating legal, regulatory and policy requirements associated with the program
      3. c.  Establishing, implementing, and maintaining the written Asbestos Management Program
      4. d.  Responding to employee and student asbestos concerns
      5. e.  Approving all asbestos awareness safety training
      6. f.  Providing expertise and guidance to departments to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and university policy
      7. g.  Recommending appropriate response actions to control or eliminate potential hazards
      8. h.  Auditing asbestos abatement projects and consultant activities, as necessary
      9. i.  Communicating with regulatory agencies
      10. j.  Auditing programs overseen by Asbestos Coordinators
    • 4.2.2  EHS has the authority to enforce the Asbestos Management Program requirements