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4.7 Unit Facilities/Building Representative (UF/BR)

  • 4.7.1  Review work requests and evaluate potential for work requested to impact ACM/PACM 
  • 4.7.2  Promote accomplishment of facilities work in accordance with this program
  • 4.7.3  Identifying, with the assistance of the Asbestos Coordinator, asbestos containing building materials prior to maintenance, renovation or other activities where asbestos containing materials may be disturbed
  • 4.7.4  Scheduling project dates with sufficient lead times for asbestos abatement
  • 4.7.5  Where projects may impact or disturb ACM notify contractor or Cornell personnel performing the work of presence of ACM
  • 4.7.6  Maintain required asbestos signage as specified in section 6.0.