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4.4 Facilities Management

  • 4.4.1  Cornell University Facilities Services supports the Asbestos Management Program by:
    • a.  Providing resources to serve as asbestos coordinator(s)
    • b.  Hiring asbestos abatement contractors and consultants
    • c.  Coordinating responses to incidental and emergency disturbances
    • d.  Maintaining records for asbestos surveys and asbestos abatement projects
    • e.  Maintaining asbestos inventory
    • f.  Provide resources to facilitate a campus wide inventory as funding is available.
    • g.  Approving and maintaining the list of approved consultants and contractors that are used for any asbestos activities
    • h.  If Cornell University Facility Services begins to provide asbestos services of Air/Project Monitoring, Project Design, Inspector; a restricted asbestos license will need to be applied for from NYS Department of Labor.