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4.6 Project Managers

  • 4.6.1  Cornell University project managers and facility coordinators in charge of maintenance, renovation, or other activity where asbestos containing materials may be present have the following specific responsibilities:
    • a.  Identifying, with the assistance of the Asbestos Coordinator, asbestos containing building materials prior to maintenance, renovation or other activities where asbestos containing materials may be disturbed
    • b.  Notifying prospective contractors bidding for work whose employees can be expected to work in areas containing ACM of the presence, location and quantity of ACM.
    • c.  Contracting with approved licensed asbestos consulting firms and abatement contractors in close consultation with the Asbestos Coordinator
    • d.  Issuing service requests for asbestos-related services
    • e. Immediately reporting any incidental disturbances of asbestos containing material as defined section 5.4
    • f.  Scheduling project dates with sufficient lead times for asbestos abatement
    • g.  Ensuring contractor provides documentation to support all new buildings and building renovation projects are asbestos-free as specified in section 7 and submit such documents to the Asbestos Coordinator
    • h.  Submit all asbestos survey, pre and post asbestos abatement and inventory documentation to the Asbestos Coordinator