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4.5 Asbestos Coordinator

  • 4.5.1   Procure services of licensed abatement contractors and consultants for projects involving disturbance or removal of ACM
  • 4.5.2   Ensure abatement projects and consultant  activities under jurisdiction are properly monitored
  • 4.5.3   Determine the presence and location of ACM prior to initiating activities that could disturb building materials through the review of inspection reports and asbestos inventory
  • 4.5.4   Procure licensed inspectors for sampling/inspection
  • 4.5.5   Provide written disclosure of the presence of ACM and PACM to project manager
  • 4.5.6   Maintain inventory of known asbestos information including new construction material surveys
  • 4.5.7   Update asbestos survey information on Facility and Campus Services facility information page
  • 4.5.8   Oversee and interpret all monitoring and survey data
  • 4.5.9   Renew campus wide variances from NYS DOL and EPA
  • 4.5.10 Ensure abatement contractor provides required notification prior to asbestos abatement