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4.14 Changes in Lab Occupancy

Changes in laboratory occupancies can occur when faculty retire, new faculty come to campus, new lab staff are hired, students graduate or leave for another university, or when facility renovations take place. When changes in lab occupancy occur, it is important to address any potential issues BEFORE the occupants leave.

Failure to address the change in occupancy can result in:

  • Old, unlabeled chemicals, samples, or hazardous waste being left behind in refrigerators, freezers, and cabinets.
  • Valuable furniture or equipment being moved or thrown away.
  • Unknown chemical spills or contamination being present.
  • These issues can result in costly remediation efforts and wasted resources for both the department and the University.

If you are planning to leave your laboratory or if you know of a research group or students that are planning to leave, there are a few simple steps that can be followed to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Notify your department chairperson, lab supervisor, and DSR well in advance of the planned move.
  • Ensure all chemical containers are properly labeled.
  • Properly dispose of any hazardous and chemical waste left in the laboratory.
  • Ensure all chemical spills and contamination has been cleaned up.
  • Review the EHS Lab Move Guide.